Wednesday, January 11, 2012

PS Landscape Sketch

Concept Sketches: Pirates

Concept Sketches: A Faerie Game

Dryad and Bogart.

Locations thumbnails.
The Well.

The troll ditch.

Tower entrance.

Tower in the distance.

The cottage.

Creek area.

Concept Sketches: Cosmos Chaos!

Concept sketches I created for Comos Chaos! on the DS.

Dirigible designs and launch location.

Cactus Bot

The cave entrance.

Potential cave layout.

Cave lift.

Inside a gorge.

Jet pack dispenser.

Jet pack escape game.

Getting pegged with a rock.

Concept Sketches: Goldberg Machine

I did a handful of Goldberg contraptions for an educational game that ended up being purchased by Scholastic. I'm still looking for the other sketches. You can see a couple running under the Animation 2 tab.

Concept Sketches: Totem Home Page