Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Flash Reel

I did all the animation and most of the character and background designs.

Schwarzenegger design by Chad Otis and property of Film Roman.
JUMP project characters (Mime, Jet Pack Kid, Spider Grandma) designed by Michael Q. Ceballos.
Llyod in Space characters are property of Disney.

Flash Illustration

I'm sure Illustrator is great, but I like illustrating with Flash.

Candyass Jack

Nutcracker Roadster

Treasure of the Golden Booty

Santa Rings his Bell

Vimpy the Wimpire

The Descent of Octopumkipactus

Polar Bear Ferry

Dirt Zombino

Tongue Demon

Easter Stinks

Cactus Hugger

Dorkvil Rides a Donkey


Wing Thief

Cute Little Cthulhu

Voodoo Doll

Totemscape inspired by H.R. Giger drawn in ball point with a splash of PS tinting.

Random Sketchbook Pages

This is how my Bomberman rolls.